Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm still wearing my gym shorts, and my cat is curled up in my arms, and some eggs are hardboiling on the stove.

In a few minutes I'll be pulling some clothes freshly-cleaned and warm from the dryer to pack into a bag. I always pack too much.

I made a new mix CD. Fuel, Nirvana, Queen, Brand New. Eighty minutes of eclectic listening goodness to add to my collection -- I use it for long drives, or just around town. But long drives are my favorite, with the solitude and the quiet. Sometimes I even turn the CD player off because my thoughts are too loud.

Mom just called me and asked me what kind of shampoo I want. The phone cut out three times, every time she tried to say "tuna salad." Phones like to do that, to pick a specific word to cut out on every time. Mom's lucky; I think I had to repeat "leprechaun" about eleven times once.

See, the present I have no problem with. But I can't place myself somewhere five years from now, and that concerns me. Suggestions for hobbies, anyone?


Blogger Baltazar said...

In going from A [now] to B [future] the only thing to look out for is the Pygmy Head Hunters [poison darts y' no]

6:10 AM  

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