Saturday, January 08, 2005

"It's Starting to Get Old"

Cardinal Rules

1. Do not go to other people to find out how I feel. You will get misinformation.

Corollary to 1. If it's preliminary, testing-out-the-waters, it's okay. I will observe who you go to and award you points based on your choice of friends. The most points goes to those who pick the friend who knows the most.

2. Do not start conversations with other people based around how I feel. I am a big girl and can do my own digging, and I will end up just having to find out what was said and make corrections. Thanks, but no thanks.

3. Do not assume because you gave me life that you know me at all.

4. Do not insult me by thinking you know anything about anything. Especially if the only way you know me is by reading this blog.

5. Do not assume you have an all-access pass and your calling and election to the religion of Elizabeth made sure. Ever. Even if you are my best friend. And my best friend knows that.

6. Do not insult me with your presence if you're boring.

7. Do not steal my life. Develop your own personality and get your own life. If we happen to overlap, great. If not, I will learn to hate you.

8. Do not treat me like the trivial friend. Yes, I can discourse on the pros and cons of Cadbury eggs for an hour, but it doesn't mean I want to anymore. I've changed.

Just don't freak out if you break one. Trust me, I'll forgive you, and probably instantly. Except if you break #6. Then I'll avoid you like you're a leper.


Blogger stevo said...

I like your rules. I don't think I'm consistent enough to have rules. Or maybe I am and just don't realize it.

12:30 AM  
Anonymous ::bang:: said...

whut'z it mean to be boring? wanna rephraze that dys way for lover-boi just once?...I mean, boring prezents, whut the feezy neezy?

8:33 AM  
Anonymous 1999-Nirvana said...

doez it bother you to be in the prezece of brahma? the presiding deity of the sun? iz said in hinduizm urr whuteva that brahmaloka iz the highest of theze planetz and it lastz the longest, however it az well shall be diminished with seem very in your ...n/m

8:36 AM  

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