Sunday, February 06, 2005

"I Remember a Man Who Was True to Himself"

I was asked to ponder tonight the eternal question of "Who DOES that???" and procure an answer. I could rattle of a couple thousand smart-aleck responses, but I won't. Because I think it not only deserves a reasonable answer just on the asker's merits, but also because, were I to find the answer, it would pretty much fix humanity.

I think I've come to an answer.

Crazy people. Crazy people do that, and each time a distraught person comes up to me posing that question, my response will be, "X does that. X has bees in her head. And the bees are crazy."


Blogger Baltazar said...

cataclysm you is'm

8:06 AM  
Anonymous OM said...

it izzzzz shyttie to have the short end, but with reazun. I dunno, maybe we're just dif. MOnge...sexually I mean, but then wait, every1'z stilla pansy but me...I get into infliktion every so often, but I look down upon myself when I don't believe that when X markz the spot, the spot spurtz kum lol...

9:09 AM  

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