Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Right Now Is All That Matters, All The Nights We Stayed Up Talking"

You know those days where the excitement is so tangible you could cut it with a knife? Well, I'm (quite literally) bouncing up and down on my very nice (hint hint, Mom and Dad), non-squeaky (HINT HINT), rolly (HINT HIN -- oh wait, the one at home rolls, nevermind) office chair.

Why such excitement, you ask. Oh, nothing, really, just PARTY AT JEN'S HOUSE TONIGHT. No, you're not invited. Well, unless you happen to be Jen or Meg, and then you're certainly invited; in fact, if you're Jen or Meg and DON'T come, I shall curl up in a ball and cry bitter tears. Other than that, go away. We have Very Important things we need to discuss. It's been killing me talking to these girls of late, because it's always a "I'll tell you when we do the party" thing, and people, I NEED TO KNOW. Curiosity! So as soon as I get off tonight, I'm jetting up to Middletown along the roads that are windey and terribly familiar, past the corn field that would be the perfect spot for glowing red eyes to appear at night, up a driveway, and tearing out of my car with my voice shouting the names of the people that I love who have been absent from me for long, long, too long.

I miss the laughter, the easiness, the inside jokes, the giddiness of it all. I miss getting mixed up by Teo (granted, we are about the same age, blonde, same build, just different heights and eye colors, and when we all have the same haircut, I can see it being a tad difficult; but every time?). I miss winking at Meg across a room when I'd spot a hot boy. I miss Baltimore every Saturday, playing Egyptian Ratscrew, and ordering orange chicken. I miss Phyllis' crazy (and wonderful) ideas, being banned from Fruitopia, and sprinting across university campuses in 100 degree heat. There's a lot of history behind us, and a lot of laughter yet to come. It's nice just to be gotten.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

in the camp of attila the hun

1:51 PM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

Um... okay. I give up, am I supposed to solve a riddle or something?

And what would happen if the three of us went, oh, brunette, all at the same time? Good times, yes? Maybe?

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

primative events , are you

2:08 PM  

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