Friday, July 15, 2005

"I Feel Like I've Been Chewing On Tinfoil"

There is nothing quite like the taste of hours-old, cold hotdog. Mmm mmm. I mean, hotdogs are such a tasty treat normally, this just takes them to a new level of deliciousness. I hear that rat-on-a-stick is good, too.... Actually, in the right company, both rat-on-a-stick and hotdogs ARE good.

Example One: Sitting around a round table in the Morris Center with ten of your best premie (as in, pre-mission, as in, 18-year-old boys) pals, laughing and laughing and laughing at the abomination that is BYU cafeteria food. After almost two full semesters of limp noodles and curious casseroles, not even the largest, chocolatiest pieces of cake goodness could make that food worthwhile, and I usually resorted to snaking a pepperoni hot pocket from the vending machine, but sometimes I'd venture into the Morris Center, and when I found The Guys there as well, well, hilarity ensued. And then they decided to serve us rat-on-a-stick. I swear: rats skewered and labeled as chicken kabobs. Gross, no?

Example Two: Soaking wet from Panther Falls and terribly hungry. Standing around watching two guys build a fire and unbend hangers and spear hotdogs of their own, and suddenly, hotdogs don't seem so bad. In fact, they seem really, really good. In fact, if someone had tried to prevent me from eating one (or two), they would've been kicked off the rock into the dangerous current below. I'm not a naturally violent person, but don't get between me and my food when I want it.

Yep, good times. Now all I need is some Harry Potter. And, I dunno, a nice warm boy to curl up with.


Anonymous J,K. Roweling said...

Are you waiting outside the book store ?

9:32 PM  
Blogger JENNIFER said...

You know, I didn't use to like hotdogs until we had a bonfire on the beach one night a couple years back. People fell through with their food assignments, so all we had was a pack of hotdogs and I brought some mustard. I was REALLY hungry, so I roasted the hotdogs and put a ton of lovely mustard on them as I ate them. People thought I was gross---but it tasted so good. I was mad hungry.

Oh, and hotdogs with the mac n' cheese is just divine. Fabulous.

12:19 PM  

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