Wednesday, January 26, 2005

One of these days, I'll try a little experiment and write a post every time my emotional state changes. Too few of you get to witness me throwing myself on my bed in sheer agony or burble over in contented laughter or stare in wide-eyed horror at a movie or descend into a tirade on basically any subject ever invented; good thing you at least get to witness my superb hyperbole.

One of the reasons I really enjoy Brother Hoskisson's religion classes is that I think he gets that side of me, and it amuses him. Once, I accidentally sent him an e-mail that was intended for Brian. I don't remember the contents of said e-mail, but I know it was enough to reveal a sizable chunk of my pure personality. And he sent me an e-mail back, thanking me for the experience and winked at me in class the next day in his typical exuberantly, secretively knowledgable way.

And today after class, when explaining to him why I warned Deanna away from flirting with boys in the Wilk (because he WILL be in your ward and it WILL end in your leaving burning construction paper trees on his doorstep, or at least plans to), he informed me that no boy on earth deserved to be as happy as I could make him. (So at least find the best one, was the corollary to that.)

And I thought, he's right.

But it still won't get me out of the midterm on Thursday.


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