Friday, January 27, 2006

Well On My Way To Getting A Full-Blown Geek License

I'm in the pet store right now, looking for a new fish to replace the one that died. Or at least that's the simile Art provided me with in describing tonight's adventures sorting through eBay and and the many many visits to looking for...a new computer.

Most of you don't care. Because most of you have never seen Mr. Glowie 2.0 and witnessed the awesomeness -- I wish I had a picture. And because most of you aren't aware that I spent a good portion of the summer poring over pages and pages of computer minutiae, helping to pick out the coolest stuff, and watching Mr. Glowie 1.0 being dismantled and basically, well, helping build Mr. Glowie 2.0. A lot of time went into that computer, and I have very warm memories of him.

Which is why Art asked me to sit down today before he told me that he'd be selling Glowie. And then we had to have a long discussion about the whys. He finally brought me around, of course, because it's Art, and one of Art's titles is The Stubbornest Person Ever Evered (And If Not, And Someone More Stubborn Is On The Way, We Are All In Big Trouble, And If I Were You, I'd Get Out Now, Because It Won't Be Pretty).

So that's what I've been doing tonight. In between, of course, summarizing Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy. Ha. Ha. Haaaa.


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