Friday, December 29, 2006

We Get Bored During Our Breaks

I finally got to make those Diet Coke and Mentos explosions I talked about a while ago. Instead of finding a field in the rural South with my partner-in-crime, I gathered two of my oldest and zaniest friends, snuck into our old Bishop's front yard, and nearly peed myself on the driveway with the explosive nature of forcibly-hushed hysterical laughter.

Eventually we decided just to knock on the door and ask permission, which worked out much better in the end, because Keith and Russell were home on break and came outside with us, and gave us some pointers. I guess Russell had done it before - leave it to a boy to have poured Mentos into a two-liter of Diet Coke.

The explosions weren't quite what I had anticipated, which left me hungry for experimentation. What if I changed some of the variables involved? How high could I get the spray to shoot? I was nervous that I'd spend all of my available resources on soft drinks and hard candy, and that I'd be turned out onto the streets, penniless, to continue my experimentation, roving from university to university, in search of precious grant money. I was saved from that grim fate by a turn of utter stupidity - in checking Mr. Bank Balance, I came away depressed about my monetary situation, and figured I couldn't buy anything at ALL, much less spend so frivolously. That news killed the buzz of my fervor quite rapidly, indeed.

I was sitting in an auditorium waiting for a bell choir performance to begin when it hit me - TODAY is Friday, and my payday, NOT yesterday. I have no earthly idea what I was thinking, but my mind is now echoing the words of Tobias F√ľnke: "Let the great experiment begiiiiin!" (Points for identifying context.)

Oh, and: Don't step in rooster poop. Trust me.


Blogger Mooney said...

Contextually, I think Tobias and Lindsey has just decided to see other people and he had just explained it to Maebey when Lindsey announced she had a date.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uhh, Miss Juxtaposer. We are agents Scully and Mulder from the ATF. For obvious reasons, we have been monitoring your blog for some time. You must now turn yourself in. DON'T MAKE US COME AND GET YOU!

11:54 PM  

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