Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Love Is...

Love is going down to the police station to get a job application for someone; even though you consider one of the Worst Things Possible to be asking for an application, and you really only make a habit of it if your options are, 1. starve on the streets, or 2. get an application from somewhere, anywhere. And this wasn't just the local McDonald's (Buena Vista doesn't even have one of those) - this was a locked-and-barred, buzz in through an intercom and search out the mysterious "door in the back," be treated as very-much-possibly a criminal and/or cocaine abuser, police station.

You'd better appreciate me, Nicolaus Copernicus. Appreciate me to the tune of killing the spiders nesting in the apartment waiting to grow up and crawl down my face. Appreciate me to the tune of long nights and Legion Forts and Wal-Mart talks and rap music.


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