Sunday, March 25, 2007

One Year Older

Embrace the drama.

Those are the words I have chosen to represent this new dispensation - that examination that comes with a birthday (if you choose to recognize such a date). Embrace it. It's the only way you will learn to survive it.

Okay, so that may have just come from a discussion I'm having with Bree about Grey's Anatomy, but I thought it sounded all wise and worldly, the way a twenty-two-year-old should sound. And by wise and worldly, I mean dumb and herdish and faux-intellectual, which is exactly the sort of thing I despise, so I owned up.

Tonight is a midnight slushie run to the gas station to ring in my birthday. Then maybe laying out by the river and enjoying the weather, and late-night outline writing when I come back. I can only imagine what the professor will think when he tries to make sense of my tired thoughts.

I have two days off this week. TWO. I'm planning on enjoying them to their utmost, in a way that none of you slackers out their can really appreciate. And THAT is a great feeling.



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