Sunday, September 16, 2007

While A String Of Pearls Is Nice, This Isn't Bad, Either

After discovering that Frank Warren was locked out of his PostSecret blog (poor, poor call on Blogger's bot's part, because the 11th most popular website in world? something, gets a lot of hits, and now millions of people are pissed off at Blogger), I realized that I should probably check mine and make sure no e-robot has seized control and locked me out for spam-like qualities. Although not updating frequently probably doesn't make their radar whir, so maybe it was a good strategy on my part.

I have little to say, except that I continue to be unexpectedly happy. Even through setbacks like not having enough money to really buy food, or falling asleep after thirty-six hours of wakefulness and then starting awake the next morning in a cold dread of the parking ticket you know will be snagged underneath the windshield wiper, or maneuvering to talk to that smart, interesting boy you just met and being waylaid by someone from your institute class who just wants to shoot the breeze. Oh, setbacks, how you fill my life with color. Like zucchini.

I've joined a book club, I got called "regal" today by the stake president's classy, glamorous wife, and I get free pizza whenever I want it. Despite the setbacks, life is good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glenn Miller did a song called "String of Pearls". I tried to find it on the collection of Big Band songs (real vinyl records) I have, but it wasn't included. So I guess you still don't get your string of pearls.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have String of Pearls on my 4 disc Smithsonion collection 104 tunes including Anvil Choures

6:05 AM  

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