Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Too Hungry To Think Of A Title

The trashcan is stuffed with empty ice cream cartons from continued four a.m. milkshake feasts.

Summer, late nights, and video games are what it's all about. Oh, and downloaded copies of Ocean's Thirteen subtitled in Greek for our viewing pleasure/trying to guess what the real captions actually said.

I'm really excited to be leaving tonight and heading up to the Philadelphia area. First of all because it is a miracle that I actually get to go, and thanks only to the generosity of some very amazing coworkers (it's nice to be in with the people who are in charge, let's just say), and second of all because we have tickets to the King Tut exhibit up there.

I only hope I don't come back to find the place completely in shambles because kittylicious will be lonely, and he gets bitey when he's lonely. Extra bitey. And pull the ugly green curtains that are all that gives this place any privacy from the gaze of passers-by who can see right into our glass front door-y.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A miracle? I suppose donning your drug-addict makeup before going to work had nothing to do with the decision to let you have some time off?

Have fun.

9:54 PM  

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