Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Some New Things

- I have decided to rechristen the cat (formerly Eliot, or kittylicious to those flippant among us) as Ghostface Killa. Ghostface because he is white, and therefore has a white face, and for some reason I think of ghosts as being white. (PacMan would be ashamed of me, I know, but it's just too late to change me.) Killa, because that cat is a stone cold killa - he jumped four feet in the air to kill a moth, for example. He ripped the toys I bought for him to small, feathery shreds. I came home today and his collar has completely vanished from off his little, fuzzy neck, leading me to believe that he has masticated it to such an extent as to leave no remaining fragment larger than an atom.

- I finally conceived of, created, and completed a Wal-Mart list, remembered to bring it with me, and bought only those things on the list, which turned out to be everything I needed. I know this is a personal first, and I believe it is also a first for mankind. That store does things to people to make lists void and fruitless. I have changed all that and am now considering penning a self-help book and making millions on proceeds. And blowing that on my next Wal-Mart visit, when I go only to acquire a curtain rod, some Windex, and fishing lure.

- PostSecret wasn't updated on Sunday, which makes it the first Sunday in perhaps a year when I have not voyeuristically perused other peoples' deepest, darkest parts. And then stared at the picture OtherJennifer gave me to put my own secret on and mail it in. I still don't know what to say.

- Everyone is going to Europe(/Utah), and I am still in Buena Vista. And I like it here and never want to leave, except maybe to visit Egypt.

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Blogger Baltazar said...

it's 2:41....am

1:42 AM  
Anonymous d-diddy said...

If you don't want to leave then don't. I wish that I had not.

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Jaekidney said...

HAHAHA! Ghostface Killer...Does this mean he's taking the place of Katie Grumblecakes? She followed me here you know. One set of keys has already gone missing. I filled the new roomies in on her and her evil ways.
By the way, I'm very impressed with your Walmart achievement. The few times I've made a list for Walmart it got lost in my purse (I'm not kidding!).
I've been watching a lot of "Back to the Future" and reveling in the goodness of it. The guy who wrote that script really was a genius I tell you!

1:24 AM  
Blogger Brianne said...

I received a call from the SPCA today. They informed me that when their maintenance person went into the "Kitten Room" today, all of the kittens had vanished. Except for a one...very fat...Mr. Ghostface Killa. Good thing we disposed of that thing before he ate all of us.

3:27 PM  

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