Monday, December 24, 2007

On The Subject Of Making Out

[01:42] SanctAgnes: i hear it's kinda boring
[01:42] aroundbychance: really?
[01:43] aroundbychance: that's a let down
[01:44] SanctAgnes: but maybe you can jazz it up!
[01:44] aroundbychance: how how?
[01:44] aroundbychance: do tell, wise sage
[01:44] SanctAgnes: with glitter glue and some snazzy accessories
[01:44] aroundbychance: or maybe some old fashion iron-on logos
[01:45] SanctAgnes: i'll bring the puff paint!

You'd never guess what we were talking about if you just read the conversation. And those are the conversations I love the best.


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