Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"Tell Me What You Thought About When You Were Gone"

So I'm going to make my concert report. I want you all to be intensely jealous of the fun you missed out on. Awesome bands, tons of energy, and me. Think about that for a while, and next time there's a concert, give me a call like Aaron did.

You know how I like making lists. As I was partaking of this event, I jotted down memorable events. I will now list them here.

-Funny glowing signs. Things that glow funny are hard to read. We determined that radiation also glows funny, which is why no one writes with it. The whole "grow an extra appendage" thing is just an additional detraction.

-The woman who frisked me told me I needed to eat more; I was too skinny. At least she was considerate, I guess. But it's not something I want to hear while being frisked.

-Joking with the guy about having guns or knives in my purse. Thing is, I JOKED BACK. In D.C., I would have been shot at this point.

-They were playing the wrong radio station while setting up for this concert. Just trust me on this one.

-People here were at lot preppier than at Warped Tour. It led to this exchange:
Me: At least, they're more "toned down."
Aaron: Utah does that to people. But maybe the freaks just don't come early.
Me: Yeah, maybe they're still at FHE.

-I can't read my writing on this one

-Apparently, it is against the law in the state of Utah to crowdsurf or mosh. The recorded voice that played over a loudspeaker made sure we knew that people who disobeyed this and other silly rules would be "ejected!!" We had fun saying "ejected!!" And then laughing at the ejects later.

-The following query:
Aaron: What do bands do before a concert?
Me: Maybe they play Scrabble
Aaron: That's awesome!
Me: We should form a band and play Scrabble before concerts

-The two girls who were dressed exactly the same. And not well. Aaron pointed them out, and I was glad for a perfect opportunity to quote Matchbook Romance. "My eyes burn..."
Me: Sometimes, you just have an idea and it's NOT good
Aaron: We call those bad ideas

-The after-concert drama. Basically, we were in a long line waiting to get out. There was a Suburban two cars in front of us, and directly in front of us was a Camaro. Then Jerk Car did something stupid and tried to edge its way in front of Suburban, out of turn. Suburban did not like that, and all the cars behind it also did not like that. Camaro edged up, to send the message they would not be letting Jerk Car in. We edged up too. We didn't want any jerks in front of us. Well, Jerk Car was now in the middle of the road, blocking a red car going the other way. A girl got out of the red car and toddled over to the Camaro, asking them to let Jerk Car in or something. Then she placed her hands on their hood and put her body in front of the Camaro, making sure they obeyed her. Traffic started moving forward, including the Suburban. Camaro was stuck, not wanting to run over Girl, who looked like... nevermind. Anyway, the Camaro edged to the right, not running her over (sadly), but blocking Jerk Car still. I wanted to run out and give them a thumbs up to show our support, but I let the opportunity pass by. The end.

-While we were waiting in the traffic, Aaron and I discussed this band we wanted to form and the attention whoreishness of the violinst in Yellowcard. That guy is amazing. It started turning (somehow, and trust me, I was not responsible for this, it was just an amzing coincidence) into a violinist vs. drummer debate.
Me: But the violinist wouldn't have to be smart?
Aaron: No, the violinist is smarter, the drummer just hits things.

There you have it, and not even from my lips: violinists rule, drummers drool. I believe a hoo. shah! is in order.

Oh, and I almost forget. Apparently, Orem is the same thing as Salt Lake City. Three different bands got that confused. Kudos to Hey, Mike for at least knowing where they were. Then again, those same three bands told me (well, the entire audience, of which I was a member) that I was beautiful. So I can't fault their logic too much ;)


Blogger Sam said...

But drummers tend to be... hot. And buff. I'm referring to the male ones of course.

11:32 AM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

Oh, I'm not saying they're not. I'm just saying... um, I don't know.

12:48 PM  
Blogger stevo said...

I am awesome. At least that's what Dan from the Spill Canvas said. Twice. And he TOUCHED me! I think my concert was more awesome. But I think you had more fun. Aaron sounds great.

7:02 PM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

Yeah, but you didn't get to be in Utah, now did you! Oh...wait. Yeah, your concert probably was more awesome. But let's remember to thank Nick for the recommendation in the first place.

9:04 PM  

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