Thursday, October 19, 2006

You've Had A Birthday, Shout Hooray

Kristin's laying on my bed as I type this. She's admiring my fish, I think. I'm just happy to have her here in town.

Jaela stuck her head in the bedroom tonight to tell us it was the Bishop's birthday, and that he was downstairs in the ice cream shop. Kristin and I went down to wish him happy birthday, and he bought us ice cream (the man is so incredibly generous--he got us to accept his offer by telling us how happy it would make him to let him buy ice cream for us). Then he asked me to get my violin and play a song for him, which I did, and the Pences sang, and Zeb got his guitar and sang. The Bishop's wife came over to talk to Kristin and me, and it was all just generally quite merry.

If there is one thing I can say about that man, it would have to be that he truly looks inside of people to see the good contained therein, and he highlights it, for everyone. I just hope he knows how loved he is (which he should--I told him flat-out, to which he responded with a big hug).


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