Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another One of Those Touchy-Feely Posts

There were people who came into my life a year ago, when I most needed it; people I have not been able to forget, who have meant more to me than I have ever told them. There was Andy Coffman, who would spend hours instant messaging me in the middle of the night so I could get my internet fix. Andy Coffman who invited me to his house for Thanksgiving so I would have somewhere to go. Andy Coffman, whose family is so brilliant, so warm, so endearing, that I remember all of their names to this day, and I am not a name-remembering person. And there was Dallan, who rescued me. Who took me away from my apartment and would just talk to me. About philosophy, about religion, about how dead sexy Jon Stewart is in a tie. About life. Who would let me tell him that I was having feelings, and who would listen to me patiently through all of my rantings, and who was always there to reassure me and to comfort me.

Andy Coffman spent the night hanging out in my living room, and Dallan sent me the most incredibly heart-warming e-mail. This is what it is to be loved. This is what it is to be devoted to someone, even in a small way - to give your time, your thoughts, your warmest (and sometimes saddest) feelings to someone, and to trust them with the memories. I hope they feel special and precious to me, because they are.



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