Thursday, October 26, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

I am writing to you from a newly RAM'd computer. Sadly, it doesn't help the internet move any faster -- I come from a generation that's obsessed with fast, with now now now me me me, with doing ten thousand meaningless things all at once to distract us from the fact that nothing we are doing has any value whatsoever (though we're starting to claw away at your dominance, Older Generation); and I absolutely cannot stand to wait. I have things to do. IMPORTANT things. Now now now me me me.

But who else should I be focused on, if not me? I am my biggest responsibility. I was given this body to take care of it. I was given this life and these talents to see what I would make of them. And if you don't stop to think about yourself, to soul-search and reeeally consider what's going on inside the ol' cranium, you're going to mess up. (Unless, I don't know, you had perfect parents and a perfect education that was perfectly intellectually stimulating and nurturing and your relationship with God is perfect and you're okay with all of that. I mean, maybe it's possible.)

Which is why I don't think I can watch Grey's Anatomy any more. Okay, stick with me. Grey's Anatomy. It's a tv show, and it's one of my guilty pleasures that I sit down and watch and have lots of feelings and relish the inner turmoil a bit, and then go on to live my day, not really thinking about it too much. I'd never really recommend it to anyone as "good television," because it's not, but when people tell me they like it, I don't start thinking there's something wrong with them.

Moving on to why I don't think I can watch it anymore: Because the one doctor, Dr. Grey (the protagonist, I'm sure you're aware) had to choose between two men. And her choice revolved around Man 1, who is sexy and fun and a neurosurgeon, etc. etc., but who, um, maybe was already married when he started dating Dr. Grey and didn't tell her, and then got back together with his wife instead of signing the divorce papers and continuing his relationship with Dr. Grey like he said he would. And a bunch of other stuff (like calling her a whore). He complicates her life. Man 2 is sweet and caring and, while emotionally-baggaged, clearly dealing with it well and healthily, and he brings Dr. Grey's roommate lunch when said roommate is absolutely devastated, and he's just an all-around superb guy. And...he does not complicate her life. He helps her put her life back together after Man 1 breaks it. And in the end? In the end, Dr. Grey chooses MAN FREAKING 1!


Why why why why why why why?

Do you know why? Because she loves Man 1. Because he is the guy for her. DO YOU KNOW WHY HE IS THE GUY FOR HER?? Not because he's the best candidate, but because she's dark and twisty and has daddy issues and drinking problems, and nothing about her leads me to believe she is in any way healthy. So instead of fixing what is wrong inside of her, and being single for a while, and finally choosing Man 2, because, um, DUH, she chooses Man 1, and he will hurt her so so badly, and it's going to be terrible.

But that's not the way the tv show presented it. It was like, duh she loves Man 1 more, and who cares about issues and doing what's best for yourself and for others, WE DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO GET OVER THEIR ISSUES OR EVEN CONFRONT THEM, IT'S LESS FUN. As if that were the only acceptable option. What has our ideology spiraled into if that is possibly okay? Is anyone else at all worried? Because I am. And this? This is just television.


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