Friday, November 10, 2006

Oh, To Be Young

Two things happened today:

I was appointed the chairperson for mudwrestling to somehow advertize the school's literary magazine (?)


I saw my first counterfeit money

Don't even bother asking me for details about the first one, because I'm confused and dazed and thinking, What the heck, this is from the professor who thought the slogan "Submit Your Piece" was too sexual - but feel to come on by and watch me mudwrestle? I guess?

As for the second, I was so so excited. It was a $5 bill and pretty well-done and there was much excitement with the police coming and everyone wanting to see it. Oh, and we got it from the bank. So watch yourselves, people, because the bank is giving out counterfeit money.


Anonymous Skyler said...

So, Madam Chairperson...are you going to "Submit Your Piece?" Gosh, that woman is insane! I am totally excited for the mudwrestling activity!! The $5 bill was SWEET! I never would have thought it was fake. It was funny when I looked at it and didn't see the face watermark, I was like "WOAH!!!"

1:03 AM  

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