Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hair Color

I clicked on a picture of Soledad O'Brien and immediately sighed, "I'd love to look like her," whereupon Jaela looked over and was like, "Um, you're way prettier. She's fake, like a mannequin." I agree that she's fake like a mannequin, but oh, the dark hair and dark eyes. Covet covet covet.

But I will never dye my hair darker, because a boy WILL LIKE ME EVEN THOUGH I'M BLONDE, DANGIT.

Smart boys? Smart boys do not want blondes. They're all like, "Blondes, yeah, they're so passé, I'd take a dark-haired girl any day - everyone likes blondes, how cliché." The cool thing about that sentence that you just read, though, is that I said it out loud and spontaneously to my roommate, growing increasingly frustrated that all my words seemed to be rhyming. (Go ahead, reread it.)

Maybe I'll catch a boy by speaking in lines of casual poetry (and a dark wig).


Anonymous Britney Spears said...

brunette's are treacherous

8:40 AM  

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