Tuesday, October 24, 2006


In honor of tonight's Lit Mag poetry reading (that I was absent for, along with, oh, the rest of the university), I would like to share a poem I wrote with you.

It is called "Goldfish."

something, something goldfish
and something about shiny gills
and their food
but they died, and their gross, swollen bellies are bobbing around in their bowl
poor goldfish

I wrote it mocking one of the bad poetry submissions from years previous. Because honestly, the submissions in general are pretty lame, so the Lit Mag itself tends to be pretty weak. Also, the creative writing professor doesn't know the correct meaning of "prose." PROSE. That's kinda basic for, like, writing, no?


Anonymous Skyler said...

Beautiful! Pure inspiration! :) Maybe you should be an English major ;)

9:43 AM  
Anonymous teh editorzorr said...

better than the original

7:24 PM  

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