Friday, April 13, 2007


It's Friday the Thirteenth, so to celebrate this auspicious holiday, I have:

- Had to literally cut poo off of my kitten. With scissors. Which he didn't like one bit, and I was almost certain the ordeal would end with my cutting his tail off, but I guess it ended well. Except for the trauma experienced by both parties.

- Gotten locked inside my apartment - yes, inside. Kelly and I tried to get the attention of a passerby to open the door for us (it doesn't have a handle on the inside, so if it's closed, we can't open it from the inside), but just our luck, no one was walking by. So we called Frog, a friend of ours (and, um, the local fire marshall), who in turn called his buddy Randy - a local cop who was on duty at the time - to come see the fun. So all the people driving by on Main Street got to watch the police seemingly swarming our apartment. And Frog and Randy stood at our door for a couple minutes laughing at us before they would let us out so we could get to work. Awesome.

- Officially become hooked on energy drinks. It all started when I accidentally had a SoBe energy drink, not realizing what it was. That kept me up for about a day and a half, and now today Kelly bought me a Red Bull. I am so frickin' buzzed. Buzzzzzzzzed.



Blogger Baltazar said...

So what u in for ?

6:47 PM  
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