Thursday, January 03, 2008

I Need Ideas

Do you know how many movies I have watched over the past two days? Legion, for they are many. This is what happens when I'm suddenly not working over fifty hours a week. Suddenly I have boundless freedom, and it paralyzes me!

Well, and also, I realize that I can't just sit around playing video games. I mean, I would, but I have other people to pay attention to, and they don't really like it when I disappear for eighteen hours.

But I've cleaned a lot! And it just goes right back to being messy! I've spent hours and hours scrubbing unmentionable things over the past few days in preparing a Christmas Surprise, and my greatest fear is that entropy will take over before any of the surprisees get to enjoy my hard work and devotion.

Screw the universe.

Also, I'm making some sort of shrine in my bedroom to kind of fill up the void that a second girl living in that immense space would normally take up. I have a plug-in Christmas window candle sitting on a black crate covered in cloth so far. Any ideas of what else I could put on it? I'm happy just with worshiping Christmas window candles; I love the things. But...maybe I need more.


Blogger Fingers said...

You could put in a full-size reproduction of The Eliminator from American Gladiators. There's enough room.

2:13 AM  

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