Monday, April 07, 2008

Time To Get These Seeds Into The Cold Ground, It Takes A While To Grow Anything

Where to begin? I told my boss he wasn't interesting about two weeks ago, and ever since, he has been obsessing about how he's Boring and blaming it on everything he can think of. Completely ignoring the face that he himself owns dozens of guns and once told me, with absolutely no prompting on my part, to "never hide my guns on my own property," because then The Man could find them. My boss is many things, but boring is not one of them.

Also, Mom, when I called you today and you asked me if there were any boys in my life, and I told you no? I said that because it's actually a Yes, oh my goodness yes, but he lives a million miles away and doesn't like me anyway. Is what I'm telling myself so that darn disappointment won't sting so bad. See what life has taught me?

But no matter, because there are fresh flowers on my desk. I got them from a boy, an eleven-year-old who thought I'd like them, and that is the sweetest thing that anyone has done for me in a while. So when the birds started singing alarmingly loud outside my window this evening, I just kind of smiled and threw a little laugh at my roommate who didn't really like it all that much.

Spring is no time for sourness.


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