Saturday, March 08, 2008

Because This Might Embarrass Her

A copy of the letter Bree left on my desktop before she and Kyle left on Spring Break (I offered to babysit their little love ferret):


The Cheetah print key on your desk is the key to Kyle’s house. You know where he lives…

The furry fairy is in the first room at the top of the stairs. He is in the closet. You will see/smell him instantly. Please do not clean up any poopsies or anything. I seriously DO NOT expect you to do that. Just play with him for a bit, let him get some exercise. His food is in the closet too. And just make sure he has water. Like I said, if you miss a day, it is not the end of the world.

Kyle and I seriously appreciate this! You can call my cell if you have any questions…

Love your face off!!


Things I Love About This Letter
1. Being addressed as Betharoonie.
2. There seriously is an honest-to-goodness cheetah print key sitting on my desk. It is just too perfect.
3. Poopsies. With the chinchillas it was "EWWWWWWW, POOOOOOOOP, get those monsters away from here, hiyah!" with that last exclamatory being made as we hiked them through the window. Without even waiting to open it. But now, poopsies. So cute.
4. She loves my face off. And there really is no better place for my face to be right now than off. (I may have been so tired I fell asleep without washing off my mascara, and now it may be caking the entire cheekular region of my face. Maybe.)
5. The ferret will probably die under my care.

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Anonymous Santa C;laus said...

Perhaps you can train the vicious little monster to go for the throat (not yours)

5:09 AM  

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