Friday, February 08, 2008

A Sort of Stream-of-Consciousness My Parents Will Never Be Able To Follow

My printer works! Just like that, I had to reboot my computer one day, and it turned on. As if it had gotten really TIRED during the paper jam fiasco and just had to take a really long NAP. And really, how can I blame him. I can't. Printer, you are absolved. Next time, perhaps we shall take an extendo-nap together.

But this means! This means that promotional posters can return. Ha! Like they ever really will make a comeback. Our apartment is still wallpapered with the old promotional posters from a year ago; I keep meaning to make new ones. And then I wander off to do something else, like drool over computers I will never in my life be able to afford.

Or get a new roommate. Yes, the vacancy in my room has finally been filled, and it feels good. I finally realized that I just let my room get messy because before it felt so EMPTY. I had to stuff that void full of something, and what I stuffed it with was borrowed magazines, dirty clothes, and suitcases. Just sort of laying about in an entropy-approved fashion. But no longer. Now I have a reason to clean, and someone who would actually notice if I got killed on the way home from work and just never came home.

Kidding! Art and Mike would notice. Art would text my phone, wondering where I was, and then eventually assume I was being a girl and taking a very long shower. An extendo-shower. With my printer.



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