Saturday, February 16, 2008


I singlehandedly fixed the bathroom sink today with only a teaspoon and my intellect.

And I may have deliberately phrased that so I sounded much cleverer than actually I am. Really what happened was I entered the bathroom this morning to shower, etc., and found that there was a lot of water just sort of...chillin' in the sink. Hi, water. How are you? Um. What are you doing there?

I figured one of my roommates was saving it, or experimenting on something. But selfishly I wanted to brush my teeth, so I pushed down on the stopper release to send the splashy-splashy splashing down the throat of the sink. And pushed down again. And then pulled up? And then down again. And tried to make it go perhaps farther down. And then puzzled.

Once I'd decided that the accumulated water was NOT a science experiment (sad), but rather that someone had wanted to, I have no idea, and something went awry, and now there was all this WET gathered about that wouldn't just LEAVE, I figured I'd better fix it.

So I reached my hand in, grabbed at the stopper, and tried to pry it up. My fingers, alas, are human, and thus too fat for that purpose (curse these human genes), I looked about for a spoon. In the bathroom? I know, I know. Didn't actually think I'd be successful, but went about it anyway. And then, success. I was surprised for all of point three seconds, then shrugged, blessed a nameless, crazy roommate for doing who knows what, and pried that dang stopper up.

Blurb, blurble, blurb came the air pockets, then a little further, and it all started to spin about and chug away down the drain.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ena Vincent Millay

9:21 PM  
Blogger brianne said...

Ahh, the things that happen in our bathroom in the lowly hours of the morn.

2:22 PM  

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