Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Will Admit It, I Use An Anti-Wrinkle Cream, And I Don't Even Have Wrinkles - Yet

My concept of Zion (Zion, you know, perfect city, no poor, everyone is decent to each other - don't you kids read anymore?) is a place where we don't have to wash our faces every night, stripping them of moisture they naturally produce, because it's bad for our faces, and then religiously reapplying a different, man-made moisture, because our faces need to be moisturized. Is this process not zany to anyone else? And yet, it's not something I've been suckered into. I don't pay ten bucks for a bottle of lotion because some smart advertising firm has decided to sell something I don't need to me. It's completely necessary!

Except my concept of Zion used to be a place that had those divided paper plates, and then I went to a Baptist barbecue with a friend of mine, and there were divided plates there, and the irony struck me pretty hard. Like getting smacked with a two-by-four hard. So maybe I need to think more before I just start theorizing about what Zion will be like when everyone reaches their full awesomeness potential, although divided plates and no need for paying for external moisturizers WOULD make for a pretty rad city.

Ah, human physiology, you truly are the most whimsical of sciences. And here everyone thought it was astronomy, because no one really knows the difference between astronomy and astrology.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Didn't know wanting divided plates ran in the family. So you are the third one. Go Girl

1:35 PM  

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