Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rules on Driving

Here are my thoughts on passing on the right: It is completely acceptable, as long as you do it like I do.

I know, I know it's illegal, but sometimes it's also necessary, and so what do you do? Simple. Say you're on a three-lane highway and the person in front of you inexplicably slows down to an unacceptable speed. The lane to your left is completely clogged with fast-paced traffic largely unwilling to make room for you. But the lane to your right is completely open! Too bad passing on the right is illegal. But lane-changing is not.

So before switching lanes, I think to myself, Oh! Right lane! You look pretty good right now. Fierce really. I like that. I think I'll come for a visit. And then I drive on it for a while, passing well ahead of Mr. Slowbeans. And then I think, You know, Right Lane, I liked you much better before. I think our time is up. And I merge back into my original center lane, where I prefer to be. And no illegal acts committed, because of my very deliberate and conscious thought.

And also, why would you be going 45 mph on 495? Do you have a death wish?



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