Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's The Little Things

The corporate world has been robbing me of my creativity and whimsy and, you know, DRIVE - so today I thought I would fight back a little. I'm in my third day of training at a company who shall remain nameless, because I do not think they would hesitate to fire me for expressing an opinion online. And I have a feeling Jamie Dimon might be a bit of a googler. Anyway. So I've been in training for three days, and it's pretty dry stuff. So today we were supposed to fish around on the company "Intranet" (I feel so dumb even typing that word) and, um. Find things? Learn all about "links" and the magic they contain? And we had a scavenger hunt. Way to ruin a perfectly good scavenger hunt with the doldrums of a company intranet. Putting "Scavenger Hunt" at the top of a photocopied worksheet is not going to change it into something exciting that your employees will care about.

So I took some recent legal counsel to heart, and I answered each question with faultlessly vague answers. And I may have at one point implied that the company was not very wise in letting me have all this information so conveniently at my fingertips. Pretty much I treated their worksheet like a Myspace survey; and at the end of the day, I held my head up high.



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