Friday, July 04, 2008

Titles Are The Worst Part Of My Job

I was going to write something very, very different originally, so I'm glad I waited two days.

For - well, for years. For many years, which is purposely vague, because I don't know when it began, I would experience pretty intense stomach pains. Idiopathic, because doctors were stumped, so I dealt with it mostly. Then I moved away from college, and I'm not really sure when it stopped, I just sort of noticed one day that, hey, my stomach hasn't hurt in a while. Not like that. For years it stopped, and I thought myself cured.

Then I moved back home in the beginning of May, and here I found myself two months later experiencing those same daily stomach pains. Nothing hurts quite the same, and boy was it all so familiar. I've even considered that there's some sort of environmental factor. By Wednesday night, I was pretty miserable, and I'm pretty sure I almost got up from my desk, walked out of my job, grabbed a sweatshirt, and headed out of town for good.

But then I held out for Thursday, and that went pretty well. I was happy again, nothing hurt, and I waited in line at the Wal-Mart for twenty-three minutes without killing one person.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. I just had the best Fourth ever, but I'm sure yours came in pretty close. I'll post pictures sometime when I didn't spend the whole ride home sleeping.


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