Friday, December 03, 2004

"You're What I Never Wanna Be"

Do you ever feel bad for mean people? I mean, just sit there and pity them because they're mean and they might be stuck that way forever? I know I have a lot of personality defects, and I try hard to change them, but I keep slipping back and back into my habits and natural inclinations. But at least I'm not mean to people. I have friends and I treat everyone with at least decency. What if that weren't the case? What if my personality defect was that I was mean and I kept slipping back into it and alienated everyone in my life and lived, cold and lonely, under a rock? Or what if I went about my day, thinking I was all cool and everything, and no one ever told me I was mean? What if I hurt people and never, ever knew about it and people talked about it in whispers while I walked by but no one ever confronted me because, hey, I'm mean.

I think I'm in touch with myself to not get too paranoid about this, but I still pity the people that everyone knows are mean but no one ever tells and they can't change anyway, because it's rooted in their personality. Maybe I should take up some kind of collection for them.


Blogger Aaron said...

Yeah, it's tough bein' me...
I think that any store ending in "mart" is a good place to go to feel better about yourself.

I'm always paranoid that I'm a socially inept person, and no-one tells me because they think they're being polite. I guess that's why I root for the awkward guy trying to get a hot girl. No-one told that kid that he's in way over his head. Someone has to cheer for him.

Besides, I'd like to think someone is rooting for me whenever I'm the awkward guy trying to talk to a girl way out of my league.

7:42 PM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

You're not socially inept. A lot of people think you're hilarious. Hilarious people cannot be socially inept, the two just don't go together. Plus, as the epitome of cool, I grant you coolness. If people try to argue with that, send them my way. There's no way they can get around arguing with me without looking like total rejects.

1:19 AM  

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