Sunday, November 28, 2004

"It takes a lot of smart thinking"

Truth is, Thanksgiving was awesome. Jennifer's brother and sister-in-law are incredible people. They have a very nice apartment with some of the softest blanket-type-things ever. And their downstairs nieghbor was kind enough to blast "My Immortal," and to repeat it until I was really ready to burst through his windows and kill him.

Nevada is... well, it's ugly, but it has tumbleweeds, and those things crack me up. Jennifer and I were going to pick one up and take it home, but we never did. Probably because I wanted a huge one and she just wanted a small one. The desert just isn't for me. I promised a friend I would take pictures, and I did, and the fun thing was waiting for the ugliest moments of desert to snap a picture. I love the kind of friends who will hekp you in endeavors like this. One thing to say for Las Vegas: even though all the stucco can be overwhelming and the lack of trees and grass saddening, by night, it is a beautifully lit city. "From up here the city lights burn, Like a thousand miles of fire."

The food was awesome. Turkey and mashed potatoes always is, but even better was how, as I got more into the break and the relaxing, I ate more and more. Giant bowls of cold cereal for breakfast and lunch; cheesecake (holy fricative, it is worth $7, I swear); In-N-Out... I am sorry for you poor Easterners who have never even heard of the place. Best. Burgers. Ever. And their shakes and fries are awesome too. Yeah, I ate a lot, and I enjoyed every second of it. Food, we have been apart for far too long.

As for Chelsea's family (Chelsea=my roommate's brother's wife; we spent Thanksgiving and the day after with her family), wow, I felt so instantly welcome. There was the joking and the friendliness and the warmth immediately. It started with Parker, Chelsea's eight-year-old brother just being so adorable and helpful. Then came the other boys and their instant mockery of my tiny "toddler" shoes. I guess it made me welcome immediately, especially the way I dealt with it. Then, there was the scene at the dinner table when they so exultantly discovered the joy of making nicknames out of Elizabeth. Yeah, you guys can call me E-lizzle from now on. It's how I was introduced the entire weekend. I adore Chelsea's brothers. Not only was Parker charming and Corban an incorrigible flirt (oh, the poor girls whose hearts he will break one day when he is finally old enough to date), but Austin was really sweet too. Poor Austin, with such an awful headache, but wanting me to have a great time on the Strip because it was my first time. He even stared me down, insisting we were staying so that I could have fun and not have to go home so early. I didn't know people could go so long without blinking. And then, when I was shivering to myself in the car, he turned the heat up without saying anything to me, asking me later if I was warm enough. And taking me to hang out with Blissen Chase the Day Ashbury, as I think they're now called, just because he knew how much I liked their music. And even though it was a bunch of Brian playing his guitar and singing (very, VERY well), then boys playing Halo 2, it was still pretty cool, and Austin did let me fall asleep under his hat. And he didn't do that crazy thumb thing after I pleaded with him because I am so very, very paranoid about my hands. I felt instant acceptance into that family, which was nice, as I was afraid I would have no one to talk to but Jenn. Oh, and Christmas with the Kranks is mildly disturbing, but one scene is absolutely hi.lar.ious. I laughed really, really hard, probably because it is exactly something I would do, but it gratified Austin and Corban that I finally found something funny. They took it upon themselves to be my personal entertainers, I guess. I DID find their pick-up lines really amusing, but that wasn't part of the movie.

The water show at the Bellagio is really amazing, and the people in Las Vegas definitely interesting, but I must say, really the best thing was the selection at the CD store. I nearly wept for joy and for Ace Enders. Rachael, welcome to three more CD's. Also, I would like to insert an inquiry as to why Creed had a CD in the New Release section when they are clearly not even a band anymore. Sigh.

But in the end, one memory kept flashing back, and realizing what it was and why hurt more than anyone will ever know. I've felt that kind of pain before, too, and I've felt it worse. It just... well, it surprised me. Then I came back to Provo and to the cold, heartless hell that loves to suck me in. I'm not broken, it's Utah that has the problems.


Blogger stevo said...

Things that make me happy:
~You having a good Thanksgiving
~Both of us seeing the same movie and not knowing it
~You and food
~New cds
~You not being broken
~Knowing that you'll be home is less than a month!!!

1:07 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

If you are now E-lizzle does that mean that at one time there was a non-electric-Lizzle? If so, could this Lizzle be considered accustic?

1:33 AM  
Blogger REDguy said...

It's spelled acoustic. :)
Anyway, I learned to love the beauty of the desert, though I suppose it has something to do w/ my super-accepting artistic slant, refusing to put too harsh a label on anything that God has something to do with . . . hoping to God I'm not delirious. This, of course, comes from the same nut who repeatedly tells everyone he meets that New Mexico calls itself "The Land of Enchantment" because citizens of that state think enchantment is dirt . . .

1:43 AM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

Do you know what this means? The internet is back at the Villa!!

And yes, of course there is an acoustic Lizzle. She is far classier, and the real Lizzle lovers enjoy her sweet, melodious strains much more than the biting of the E-Lizzle. But that's okay, because E-Lizzle knows she rocks.

And Rachael, did you notice my countdown? I cannot wait to dress like trash. Seriously, people are starting to run screaming away from me. Although this might just be in my dreams.

And Taylor, it's okay to like the desert. It is NOT okay to like some of the ugliness I saw. Trash mangled in with grey, drab bushes and pebbles is not beautiful. To anyone. Aaron will back me up.

1:56 AM  
Blogger Zadowsky said...

Halo 2? I love that game, and I’m not a boy but, I play and play and I think… I am so very, very paranoia. jijiji

2:38 AM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

Leandro's back!

1:06 PM  
Blogger the duke of "ish" said...

oh, the jealousy for having an ACTUAL thanksgiving dinner. but you didn't score the winning touchdown in overtime to defeat the team on which your iniversity preisdent was playing, now DID you. ah well... still jealous of you... i got nothin.

11:24 AM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

But your university president isn't "Cecil," so would it really matter?

And why are you jealous of me? I didn't even get to take a tumbleweed home.

10:42 PM  

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