Monday, March 21, 2005

"Floating And Fighting Like A Kite On A String"

Spring Break is now officially over. Sad. Can I tell you, first of all, how exhausting it is to keep the late, late, so early hours of a college student on break and then get up to go to classes? I would chill with Art online until 5 a.m., get caught up doing something else after that, not sleep til 6:30 or later (if I even slept at all, and there were a couple nights I didn't), and drag myself to classes the next day... or later that day. But it was sooo worth it. Art's good at keeping me entertained, even if he's frustrating me and my only regret is being too far away from him to tackle him like he needs to be tackled. An example:

Me: If you explode, I'll concede
Art: *splat*
Me: You did not
Art: *splat*
Me: Art Furler
Art: *splat*
Me: Do not make me reprimand you
Art: *splat*
Me: What are you about?
Art: *splat*
Me: ...
Art: *splat*
Me: Fine, I concede
Art: Muwahahaha

One of these days, Art... one of these days.

Basically my entire week was like that. Go to class, get home, IM Art, hang out all night, sleep (maybe), and go to class. If I could've cut out the going to class, it would've been a perfect week. Oh, and if I could've cut out the not ACTUALLY being physically in my spot on the couch. And the various impasses we always seemed to reach. Still, a fun week. There's a lot more to it than that, but I'm not laying it all out here on my blog.

It was a week I bowed down to the fact that I've become officially boring. I didn't go ANYwhere or hang out with ANYone, with the exception of Friday night, getting ice cream and going up to Sundance. It was freezing, but the stars were brilliant. I could even see Draco snaking through the Big and Little Dippers.

Nick came back. He's been online quite a bit of late, presumably listening to the tracks from the new Copeland CD that are up on purevolume. I am coveting like I have never coveted before. Which is perhaps an exaggeration, but you'll never get me to admit it. I fell asleep to their old CD every night; that's how amazing it was. The new one = even better. As Nick says,


|-| 3 /\ |2 '|'

( 0 |> 3 |_ /\ |\| |) !"

The last thing I'd like to say is, It's okay to be selfish when it's what all parties want anyway. Then it's not selfishness. Several people I've talked to recently seem to have forgotten that.


Blogger Baltazar said...

what's the code say ?

10:19 PM  
Blogger Bart Zamboni said...

You have only proven that you can be boring if you want. That is a feat that anyone can master, although, I dont know why you would want to. You always have stuff to do and people to hang out with.

12:53 AM  

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