Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"It's So Good To Be Alive In Such A Hazardous World"

Why expend my energy writing a whole bunch when I can just link to a perfectly brilliant summary? You can read about my weekend here.

Today was a great day. I woke up half an hour before my alarm clock went off, which meant I had half an hour to drift around in my head, imagining all sorts of nice things; it also meant I didn't have to be woken up suddenly by shrill beeping, which is always a plus. Then I dinked around, took a shower, got ready for classes and spent some time deleting spyware that had worked its way into my system due to certain sites (ahem, Microsoft... ahem, AHEM Drive-Thru Records: I expect better of you in the future. Well, okay, not really of you, Microsoft.) requiring IE usage. It feels good to delete things. I recommend it to you, just don't get delete-happy, because that would be bad.

I walked to class in some of the most beautiful weather imaginable. Last night was great too, walking to orchestra in the deep blue of late twilight, the air finally cleared of those persistant, clogging inversions, a perfect night for jogging. Too bad I had class and couldn't spend more time just enjoying. Anyway, class was nice, logic isn't always logical, and where in the fricative they got ~H from I'll never know. But it ended early, and then I sat in on the Psychology 111 lecture with Jennifer, the class I was supposed to take but decided to take the Geography of Climates instead. It was a good lecture, and I left feeling refreshed and hungry. So I stopped by the Wilk to grab some food and eat it outside because, ya know, the weather is perfect... and then I saw Evan.

He put an instant halt on any enjoyment and relaxation and he kept it halted for 37 minutes, even though he had an Accounting midterm to study for. I tried people, I really did. I kept saying things like, "Well, I should let you go study now," and "Have fun studying!" and "No, really, go study. NOW." but it wasn't until I told him goodbye and turned away that the conversation was broken. People need to learn to read when I'm antsy and want to get away. Or I should have some kind of visible skin color change like those lizards. I'll turn more and more purple the more uncomfortable I get and maybe swell too until I turn deep indigo and explode all over everyone, leaving a mess of violet goo. Because I'm sure some people would let me get to that stage of uneasiness.

So after I left Evan, I finally entered the Wilk and ran into Matt Wright and Whatever His Wife's Name Is, and she's pregnant, and it made me very frightened for the future of our planet. I finally got some food, the fries were NOT too salty, which means they will be on Friday, grabbed a copy of the Daily Universe, and proceeded to settle into the niceness outside.

My day wasn't even ruined by the fact that we discussed parallel grammatical structure in philosophy today. It wasn't even ruined by the arrival of my bank statement. It wasn't even ruined by the load of homework I am at the moment avoiding. I need days like these.


Blogger JENNIFER said...

37 minutes??? Ahhhhh!

That guy does NOT know how to take hints at all. Too bad Marc didn't show up to save you this time, eh? You should have called him. I'm sure he would've come dashing out of the shop for you. Marc's a good guy.

2:58 AM  
Blogger Bart Zamboni said...

If only you could delete Evan. Can you imagine the satifaction of deleting those you don't want to see or even think about. Aside from the responsibility of playing God, the idea is extremely tempting.

3:11 AM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

"If I don't believe in you hard enough, will you go away?"

12:04 PM  

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