Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Mathematically Turning The Page"

I can't do math. I just... can't. I don't have the brain for it. Studying it does me no good, because I can comprehend how something works, I just can't do it beyond a certain point. I comprehend the universe in much different, much more existential terms. Forcing me to study math will find me sprawled on the lawn, listening in on Obnoxious Laugh Boy's conversation with his roommates, which turned exceedingly interesting when I figured out he was of the ill-fated Smith-Griggs campaign and was dishing the dirt on his opponents. That, too, palled after a while, so I got up and ran into Adriana. We whiled away the hours by sitting on a bench and talking, about passers-by, and about other, less spatially immediate individuals. Girl has an internal mockalogue too, and what's more, she despises Kantians, and she hates quantificational logic as much as I do. Even her company was barely enough to keep me sane til 2:30 rolled around. Sometimes the Testing Center really IS a good idea: "Take a test at any time, because you're certainly not going to study for it any longer."


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