Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"Come On Baby, Light My Fire"

There once was a Furler named Art
Who thought he was so very smart,
He'd argue to death
His best friend named Beth,
Then realized she'd stolen his heart.


Blogger JENNIFER said...

The Rolling Stones. Props to Mick Jagger---one of two in the Big Mouth Club. That's three for me.

And---very clever limerick. I'm a fan. It just puts a smile on my face.

1:09 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

hehe. ur little limerick is awesome. :)

2:08 AM  
Anonymous Euphonious Shakespear said...


5:43 PM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

Hahaha. I crack myself up. That's what you get when you ask to be blogged about. Seriously, try it.

10:24 PM  

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