Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ah, Whimsy

It's another odds and ends post! Whee!

>>Kristin and I went on a date on Friday that progressed rather interestingly. It ended with her getting a free soft taco from a fifteen-year-old Taco Bell employee, due to her extreme hottie status, and we had to have Dallan come rescue us. We had fun trying masks on at Wal-Mart and rounded off the evening with Amélie, which is such a superb film.

You can see that either we are the most disgusting couple of all time, or else our studies have stressed us out to the point of insanity. I'm voting for the latter, because as wonderful as Kristin is, physical contact with girls freaks me out, and I like kissing the boys far too much.

>>I have a British Literature midterm that closes on Monday, so my friend Jennifer Me. (not to be confused with Jennifer Mo. who is my roommate) and I went rambling to the F. Smith building to go study, our reasoning being that the winding and tortuous passages therein greatly resemble that of a cave, and Jennifer likes studying in odd places. Before we sat down to study, however, we took a trip up to the fourth floor, there to view the Room With Nothing. While on our way, we passed our Brit Lit professor's office, and were struck with the need to compose a poem for him. Here following is said poem:
Today we studied extra for the test
In hopes that we would get a passing grade;
You see, we want to be the very best
And rise above our stand of lemonade.

Both Tennyson and Arnold we do read,
And our friend Dickens carefully review;
Rosetti's rhyme scheme makes our noses bleed,
Then off to Africa with Marlow's crew!

The Queen of England wore a lot of black
Just like the children working in the mines
(Note: we are brilliant, please cut us some slack)
The Empire spread, committing heinous crimes.

We've nothing to declare but our genius
And hope your tutelage leads us not amiss!

Poetically yours,
Jennifer + Elizabeth

>>A friend of mine sent me a package, and I came home to find it sitting on my bed. I opened it, and inside discovered a can of escargots. I am so excited. Geneius, you are a favorite.



Blogger Baltazar said...

So ? Have the escargots went ?------------------or did you catch them..

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Taco Bell Story reminded me of a similar experience I had. Last week I was at the Provo Taco Bell, I was out of money and really hungry. Luckly for me there also was a 15 year old boy and due to my extreme hottness I too was able to get free food.

- Clayton

P.S. I saw Jarhead

2:15 PM  

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