Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's A Good Thing I Finally Unpacked This Morning

Well, the new roommates have arrived. Last semester it was Jennifer and I, plus Melissa and Johanna, two pretty chill returned missionaries. But Melissa left, and Johanna moved downstairs to live with her cousins, so two new girls bought contracts.

And I met them tonight. I'm not really good with girls all of the time. I mean, I'm fine with girls I know, or with girls whom I can tell like me. But foreign girls? Yikes. So I resolved to immediately get to know them, or else face a semester of living with strangers.

Turns out I already know the one girl from freshman year, so that was pretty easy. And the other one used to live in Maryland, so that's something to talk about as well. Yay for East Coast Girl presence.

Of course, it could all implode right in my face, so if I knock on your door late one night with a bag slung over my shoulder and a hunted look in my eye, please be kind to me and take me in. Please?


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Blogger Baltazar said...

I just read a movie reveiw of "Hostel" in the Washington Post, by Tersa Wiltz.
It sounds like it was writen by you---Liz Wiltz?

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