Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labor Day Vacation

Last night at work, all the regulars were standing around, getting out of the hurricane (yes, hurricane; I love being home rather than in a desert) when I mentioned that I'd be driving home after my shift ended. Immediately several things happened:

1. They had a group vote deciding in a unanimous tide that I would not be allowed to drive through a hurricane.

2. They asked to call my mother.

3. David, my coworker, was assaulted and asked why he was not volunteering to take the later shift, allowing me to get off earlier (his wife would be angry, was his response; married people are lame, was mine).

4. Mike successfully cut a snowflake out of some ads.

I was touched that they would be so concerned about my welfare, and I kind of laughed to myself at their restriction that I couldn't leave to go home until the next day. "After midnight is technically tomorrow," I told myself, and I promised them I would wait.

Actually leaving was quite the event. I noticed a firetruck with lights ablaze heading up the road, and I wondered what was going on. What was going on was that a little red Camaro had driven INTO THE HILLSIDE somehow, and every cop and rescue squad worker and fireman in town was on the scene. I was just hoping that no one would notice that it was MY car snaking around their barriers, because I'm pretty sure some of the people there were some of the people who had voted against my leaving that night. It felt wildly scandalous and thrilling to think that I had to sneak out of town, but what with the rain and the wind and the CAR IN A HILLSIDE, I don't think they had much time to notice me.

And here I am at the beach! The room is nice, the weather is appropriate, with low scud matching the grey water, and gulls floating over everything. Oh, and also, I maybe broke my toe by dropping my suitcase on it, so there's that to keep me entertained if nothing else. And the poetry that has been pouring out of me for the past few days; there's that too.


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