Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Superhero Preferences

JJ asked me last night if I'd rather go on a date with Superman or Batman. Immediately I replied "Batman," which JJ countered with, "You're lying." He kept trying to convince me that Superman was the more dateworthy superhero: he can fly, for one, and he has pretty cool laser eyes, whereas Batman is an emotionally damaged, non-flying kinda guy.

I can see JJ's point, but it only made me realize that, yeah, Batman IS way more appealing to me than Superman. First of all, Superman's an alien, and there's no way I get involved with extra terrestrials. My lifelong fea of E.T. and my childhood fear of ALF confirm my feelings on that front. Second, I go for crazy, and yes, emotionally damaged. Why? Because it usually makes someone more compassionate; and if they've already been there, already trod that path, then when I open up and expose my own emotional damage, etc., they're a lot more likely to be able to deal with it, instead of running away scared - or even worse, listening but never coming to an understanding. I'd rather have someone run, honestly.

I'm not looking for someone with plasticly perfect hair and a charming smile, who can do awesome stuff for me (like fly me around the world, which I agree, is intensely appealing.) It's not about bringing me presents from the four corners of the earth or showing off feats of strength to impress me (I'm not really impressable anyway, so good luck with that, Superguy). I'm much more simple than that. I just want a guy whose story interests me and whose understanding reaches me.

And it doesn't hurt that Christian Bale IS Batman. Because I've had a thing for that kid since he was Jack on Newsies.


Blogger Baltazar said...

Superwoman was a little on the small side-So was Wonder Woman-what does this mean ?
And how about Doctor Fate ?

7:38 PM  
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Blogger Jacob said...

But they both have capes, and capes aren't always the coolest.

1:45 AM  
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