Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Well, I'm home for Thansgiving, finally. I went to UMD last night to go to Jennay's recital, and man was that worth the four-hour drive (the last hour of which was spent in fierce Beltway traffic) - Josh Ho was there, all grown up, Phyllis was there and roped me in to do some kinda somethin' for her, Hannah was there, two of my old students were there, Craig was there, Aimee was there looking radiant, and I got to meet Jennay's boyfriend (who seems like a really, really nice guy, for a change).

The recital was, quite simply, amazing. To see someone play with such passion, and to have witnessed their progress from a child on to this gorgeous, confident woman in a shining white satin gown - well. I know the Lalo was hard, Jen, but you were brilliant.

And now I'm back, and dazzled by all the things to do here in town. There's a mall! With stores! Where you can buy things! And a Target! Oh, how I have missed Target. And traffic. I've missed you, traffic, and I was beginning to forget how absolutely retarded Maryland drivers are. Thank you for reminding me. I won't be staying, though, and I hope you don't come following me. I don't miss you THAT much.



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