Monday, December 11, 2006

V Cast

I need to know how to un-sign up for Verizon Wireless's V Cast nonsense. Because I got a one month free trial (and I'll take all the free I can get), but I absolutely refuse to pay $10 a month for the privilege of paying MORE money just to get a stupid song on my phone. Not when I already have thousands of songs on my computer, just waiting for me to transfer. PLUS, it's my music, and Verizon would not know good music if it snuck up behind them, tackled them to the ground, duct taped their hands behind their back, and played for them on a ukelele. That is only one of the differences between me and Verizon.

So please, if anyone has any hints for me, I would greatly appreciate them.



Blogger Baltazar said...

they have more friends in congress than you do

5:03 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Uhhh, Your Mom already did cancel out of it... because you said you'd cancel it "immediately" and obviously you didn't... and, like, I don't want to pay $10... but it simply involves picking up the telephone and actually cancelling it.

5:51 PM  

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