Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Purely Hypothetical Scenario

In Kant's universal law formulation, it is required that we only act on those maxims that we could will to universal law.

I have a universal law for you: Never drive off without paying for your gas and leave your cell phone at the pump.

Because chances are, the employees of the gas station will find your cell phone. And then, maybe your girlfriend will send you a text message, and those bored employees will text her back. Once they find out that she tried to break up with you via text (a text you didn't get, since you were a shoddy criminal and left your cell phone at the scene of the crim - and if you were as shoddy a boyfriend as you are a criminal, then she probably has more than ample reason to sever all ties with you), things will quickly escalate into large quantities of amusement and rapid-fire texting.

Don't blame the employees for impersonating you - just pay for the gas next time, okay?

Oh, and Bruce? Tell Latonya you love her. Because she thinks you do.



Blogger Baltazar said...

Sounds like an Orsen Wells story line

6:16 AM  

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