Monday, May 05, 2008

Don't Think I'm Ready To Settle, Though

I was sitting by myself in church yesterday, my mother having scurried away some minutes before to run back home and procure the bag she needed, and the service was winding down, when I found myself with a little visitor.

There was a family with kids sitting a few pews ahead of me, and the little boy, about three or four, wandered back to my pew. He draped his arms over my knees, put his head down on my lap and started playing with the bracelet around my wrist. I just put an arm around him and played with his fuzzy hair and felt my heart melt around my bones.

If the Church really wanted to get us married faster, they wouldn't sequester the single people in small groups together, to get bored and frustrated with the small-minded maneuvering and shallow manipulations of everyone else around them. They'd keep us in family wards to be surrounded by the loud, frustrated wailings of parents and children and those raw, brilliant moments when it all becomes worthwhile.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your time will come. You will make a good mother someday. Q Town

10:42 AM  

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