Friday, May 02, 2008

I Caved, And Other Stories

And now you will always, always know.

The very very first thing I unpacked was my computer. I didn't arrive back in Maryland until about 11:30 p.m., so I didn't bother hauling everything in, but I made sure I had the important stuff, goshdarnit! I also found my sheets and brought those in too, in case I felt like doing a little sleeping at some point.

Who am I kidding? Today was seriously one of the least fun days of my life. I thought I'd gotten so much more done than I actually had, and the problem was that I didn't realize I even had a problem until I got well into packing. It was one of those, "Oh, not much more to do - wait, I still have to do that...and that other thing...and oh yeah, I can't forget to do that" situations. On top of bagging everything up and throwing it down the impossible stairs of my apartment and bending all rules of physics and human anatomy just to get the front door open with my load, I also managed to squeeze time into my day to serve my country.

Alright, maybe I've been overdosing on 24 lately (I have, it's true, but 24 is the drug that WON'T ruin your life and drive all your friends away one by one), but I did do something pretty handy for a friend of mine, who was stuck at school doing a humanitarian project. Stuck was his word, too, so don't even try to start judging me. I went to the school, got some money and his student I.D., then went to Hardee's to grab him some lunch. Our local Hardee's, apparently, gives out student discounts. Ricky's idea would be for me to just sort of wave his I.D. at the cashier with my thumb covering the photo-like, and no one would be any wiser to our scheme. Instead I just told her that I was fetching lunch for a lazy friend (hi, Ricky!), and here was his I.D., and she waved me onward. That's probably the first and last time I'll ever be telling the truth, so I'm glad it worked out so well for me.

Oh, and then a psychotic bumblebee started following me around. I can't even explain, you really just had to be there. Come to think of it, I'm glad you weren't, because hoo boy, was I a girl. Igh. Oh, well.

And now I'm home. And the cat is asleep next to me, and my computer is merrily lighting my dark bedroom with its soothing blue fan lights, and things are just pretty happy for me.

Let's see how the Career Event tomorrow goes.



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