Tuesday, October 26, 2004

"How Does it Feel?"

I feel like I should say something, because I haven't in a while. Thing is, though, I don't really have anything to say. I didn't get to talk about running over people on my French speaking test; that was kind of a letdown, especially because that was the only thing I studied. (Haha, I kid. Sort of.)

Something that's much more important to me than any French test is the fact that, while I will not be home for Halloween and therefore will not get to see Sugarcult, Green Day, and New Found Glory perform, they are coming to Salt Lake City on November 13th. Will I be there? I'd better be. Now I just have to find some cool people to go with me.

This is a more difficult task than anyone would ever think. Why? Well, let's say I meet someone who I think is cool. Good taste in music, funny, willing to be my friend and not just borrow my CDs and suddenly start ignoring me (I might be speaking from personal experience here)... and what happens? A conversation like this:

Me-"Don't touch me."
Potential Cool Person-"Why not?"
Me-"Personal bubble. And you're not allowed in."
PCP-"C'mon, you wanna let me in, right?"
Me-"Don't ever touch me. Ever." Walk away.
PCP Who Has Now Been Demoted-"Where are you going?"
Me-No answer. This is because I am thinking of how best to arrange their death.

Let this be a lesson. To me, probably as well. I am only hanging out with girls from now on. Sam, this means you. And to all the PCPs (WHNBD), I don't care how "alluring" it is that I don't want you to touch me. That is a privilege held by an elite few. Which means not you. Unless you who are reading this are in the elite few; then you can ignore what I said. Because you're rad.

So my dilemma. My other dilemma is that tickets cost money, which I don't really have. Unless I don't want to pay rent, which is always an option. As frigid as my apartment has been recently, I don't think living in a cardboard box would be that much worse. Or, I could stop eating and use the money I save to buy a ticket. There are lots of ways to raise the cash!

1. Go on a mission. Seriously, one of my friends got handed $100 just because.
2. Get someone to write me a check for being a hot-tie.
3. Invent something.
4. Tell my parents I need to buy "more books." (And hopefully keep the quotation marks from my voice when asking them.)
5. Go back in time and stay through the whole Oktoberfest, and find that stupid $1500 engagement ring, then come up with a ridiculous story about how my fiancé dumped me cruelly while crying and get a sweet deal on the thing when I pawn it.
6. Steal people's keyboard letters then sell them back.
7. Ask for donations.
8. Get a sponser. To sponser, um, my coolness.

Yeah, I give up. What a waste. Going to see Sugarcult is going to turn out like going to London or getting my pilot's license: all things I really, really want to do, but until society learns that money really isn't all that important and don't they want to help a girl live her dreams, I won't be doing any of them.

Good thing I have that riveting Geology book to keep me distracted from all my smashed hopes and dreams.


Blogger stevo said...

What happened to the money that I could have given you to buy a ticket? I got stressed and skipped classes today. And this is where that money went.
~$5.50 for lunch at Salerno's
~$9.61 for a book that includes the word "snogging", a book of Dickenson poetry, and a book of Frost poetry.
~$18.02 for the new Simple Plan cd, a box of tissues, and a diet coke.
~$25.oo for a room change.
Does this make me a bad friend? I hope not. And if you do get to see them, expect my jealousy level to be at what yours was when I saw The Spill Canvas and the Lyndsay Diaries. The end.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Oh my goodness! We are SO finding a way to get you to that concert. Maybe I'll even go. Live music is my favorite thing ever.

P.S. I'm up for hanging out anytime ;).

2:21 PM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

Sam, you're on. And how cool are you?

Rachael, I understand completely. Oh, and I was thinking about getting you the Simple Plan CD for your birthday, but as the thought crossed my mind, I also knew you would buy it for yourself (which means me too). So I'm off to find some other hot band we've never heard of and buy you their CD. Or maybe I'll mail you a dead me for your birthday. Wouldn't that be fun?

5:29 PM  

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