Thursday, December 30, 2004

Year in Review Pt. 1: The First Six Months

On my pathway to greatness, some milestones along the way. In a month-by-month format for you following at home.

January-the start of The Madness. Six hours of homework a day, every day, except weekends because I don't do homework on weekends anyway, even when I tell myself I should, so I make plans for that. Also, I go to bed before midnight every night largely due to Jeremy and also my fear of the lit theory gods.

February-On Valentine's Day I go on a date with one guy, then came home and receive a poem from a different guy asking me to be his valentine, to which I respond affirmatively and poetically. This is why I am a horrible person, but they were all premies anyway and so not real people. Is how I justify myself. Also, Dan and Andy move to Stover.

March-BEST MONTH EVER. I turn a certain age (and trust me, I will be lying about my age from now on, so you're not going to get any numbers out of me). Jeremy goes to Brasil to become Elder Brown(io), making it the first missionary departure. Many more follow.

April-I get proposed to. I also make my rounds, saying goodbye to all my friends, most for the very last time. Dan tackles me and steals my hat. Finals end, leaving me delirious and work-ethic impaired. I go back East to begin a summer of meandering fun, starting with a trip to New York. I meet Art for the first time. My sleep pattern changes.

May-drive drive drive. The first meeting of Art's Couch which, yes, deserves capitalization. Waiting for Kristin to finally get out of school which won't happen for a while. The Grease soundtrack gains new significance. I gain a new motto: "Don't watch people sleep, it is never a good idea." I say goodbye to Scottbowen, Timothy, and Tyler. And probably some others. I decide on Arcturus as my favorite star.

June-drive drive drive. I go to Raleigh for the first time with Rachael and fall in love. I could live among those trees forever, and I don't think I should ever have gone because I'm always missing it. Boys wearing pink shirts scare me. TAGURIT. Burger King in Richmond. I say goodbye to Dan. He calls me rad. BEST COMPLIMENT EVER. I don't dispense this one lightly or even really at all. I meet Corn and The Pig. Burkittsville and Harper's Ferry become major haunts. No pun intended, I swear.


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Summer. I like how you're summing up summer. I couldn't do it. Not as well anyway.

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