Friday, December 31, 2004

Year in Review Pt. 2: The Second Six Months

It only gets better, folks.

July-driving driving driving, but much closer to home this time. The Beginning. With my purchase of the Warped Tour tickets, something within me snapped and I started buying CDs like a crazy woman, and I was designated Official CD Opener. I threw my cell phone across the room. The second visit to Corn and The Pig. Some pretty awful news comes, and then more awful news. Luckily knees heal. Nick starts recommending music and it is all Very Good.

August-driving driving driving. To Raleigh again and BV and BV again. I see Art's mother kill a spider and am terrified for the rest of my life. I steal a pen from Day's Inn. I break my previous record of being online talking until 6:47 a.m. with one very memorable 7:30 a.m. conversation. A chance is given which I take. My life is thrown into turmoil as I start filling out transfer student applications and figuring out how to turn my life upside down. Then I realize that I shouldn't, which begins the heartbreak of returning again to Utah to a school filled with empty memories of friends long-scattered around the globe. I didn't know if I would actually get on that plane August 24th, but I did.

September-the semester starts and I'm busy with classes and late nights reminiscing and trying to hold on to a golden summer. The life and death of the RElizabeth tree, may it burn on an ill-fated doorstep. I meet Taylor and Bart and make glorious plans for my apartment. They never happen, but at least we have potato sacks hot glued to our wall. I see a dead praying mantis and declare it to be a bad omen. It definitely turns out to be and signals a day I call the Worst Thursday Ever.

October-I start my (second) blog and meet Sam, who is my hero. I dress like a purple sheet for Halloween, Jennifer gets older, and I start frequenting the fifth floor of the library. The waiting begins and I flex my fingers for many months of playing Scrabble. I officially say goodbye to summer and I see the first snowfall of winter.

November-More waiting, endless waiting. I go to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving and meet Austin and Corban. I hang out with Ashbury. I fall in love with Ace Enders. I decide 9 a.m. is really too early to be awake except if one is just entering slumber.

December-Finals again, much overshadowed by Art's visit. All my friends start to worship him and we rent Pi because he recommends it. It really is a good movie and teaches us all that math will make you unhappy. I count the days until I can finally get home to where I fit, Uptight East Coast Loser Girl that I am. Matt Wright gets married which frightens us all. I hang out with Rachael and Kristin and meet David. I ponder New Year's resolutions. My CD collection quadruples or something. I dunno, math makes you unhappy so I'm not going to go count and divide and whatnot. Yuck. And yet again, I am killed with indecision and the long flight back to Utah. Also, I receive a phone call notifying me that Day's Inn has closed, and many people mourn its passing. And I decide to become a lit theorist because it's what I love.


Blogger Sam said...

Awww... You mentioned me :).

3:20 AM  
Blogger Baltazar said...

I went to see "The Aviator"very impressive

8:38 AM  
Blogger juxtaposer said...

Really? Because I really want to see that movie, but I have this thing about movies... I refuse to watch them if they suck. Mandy Moore Goes to Paris? No way. But I was intrigued by what I've seen of The Aviator. So now with a recommendation, I'll see about seeing it.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Baltazar said...

How about "Outside" and "In The Bedroom"---?
I say stinkers..

7:03 PM  
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