Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wherein Teeth Go Flying All Over The Place

Today, I'm not going to go to class. I'm going to laze about drinking hot chocolate and orange juice and eggnog, and I'm going to play computer games. I'm not going to worry about writing papers or reading 8,000 pages on the "sublime object of ideology." That is exactly what I am going to do.

I wish.

Instead, I'm going to guzzle down the orange juice that was magically left on my doorstep (you can only do that sort of thing in Provo; anywhere else, I'd suspect it had poison in it, or anthrax) to stave off a cold, and I'm going to go to the Pre-Law office and buy overpriced practice LSAT tests for not me, and I'm going to go to class and gradually fade out after the first forty-five minutes, and then I'm going to come home and work work work work work. Because I certainly didn't do that last night, what with teeth getting knocked out of people's faces and everything.

Oh, I didn't tell you about that?

Well, Dallan kidnapped me so we could do homework together and he wouldn't have to be so bored, but then his younger sisters came over. We were all having a good time in the living room, when Claire (the older of the two) threw Alex the remote, and it hit Alex's tooth, and knocked it out. After that, all attempts to do homework were dropped completely, but we did make a fun trip to Target to buy one of those football mouth guard things.

Anyway, I still have much to do, and when all I want to do is sleep and play, much to do doesn't sound like much fun.


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